February 2, 2010

New Drawing and Month Review

Today's drawing is of a trilobite is a filigreed frame. The frame is actually based on a piece of jewelry I have and I wanted to see if I could design the shape of the trilobite into the parameters of the oval. I'm a huge fan of dinosaurs and all things prehistoric, and the trilobite is on of my favorite critters from that by-gone era. I think it's form fits right in with my predilection for the steampunk aesthetic. It's a symbol of an era of discovery.

So, here I am in the second month of the "drawing-a-day" project. I kinda failed at that this past week. All I can do is redouble my efforts and try to crank drawings out. I believe part of this is because I'm still hung up on doing nice or complete drawings. It's difficult to just put crappy doodle out there for the world to see. But I believe that becoming a better artist involves having less of an ego about one's work. So, we'll see how things go from here.

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