August 15, 2010

Mini iPhone

Yes, that is a teeny-tiny iPhone. I made it for the 48 Hour Film Project. Our prop was "cell phone". So the director of the team I was on wanted to do the Zoolander gag. I talked him into a small iPhone. What you can't see in this image is that there is a shiny cover on this to mimic the glass on the surface of the iphone. There are really only 2 discrepancies: 1) There are 3 columns of apps instead of 4, but seeing as how it's about 38 mm across, I could only get 3 to fit. 2) It's technically too thick. The proportions are to the iPhone 4. But now I'm just being picky.

I'm pretty sure that the magnificence of this thing wasn't seen on camera, but just the reaction of the crew was enough. Max, our fearless leader, laughed when he saw it. That was good enough for me.

If I had more time (I made this in about 3 hours) and if stores were open while I was making this, I might have tried to figure out a way to make it light up. Oh well, next time.

August 12, 2010

Water Lilies

Today I decided to go to Goodale Park, which is in the heart of the Short North. The park in general is ok, but I love the pond because it's filled with these crazy giant water lilies and lily pads. The lily pads don't all lay flat on the water, which gives this sense of an alien growth over the pond. Beautiful and creepy at once, which really is my cup of tea.

I grabbed my sketchbook and found a nice spot to draw from. Well, it seemed nice at first. The weather was humid so I was dripping with sweat within 10 minutes of sitting down. Also, the best place to sit was a rock. So by "nice" I guess I mean less than ideal. To put it nicely.

But after being out there for about 3 hours (broken up by a coffee/get me outta the sun break) this is what I came up with. There is a further purpose to drawing flowers... but I'll leave that for the final. Which, fingers crossed, I'll actually finish.

August 9, 2010

Back in the Studio

Ok... so it's been a while since I posted anything. Not that anyone reads this anyways. In the time between the last two posts I've worked on a movie and moved to a new abode. The sweet thing about the new digs is that I have real, honest to Goonies work space.

And I've finally taken advantage of that space.

I haven't sculpted anything in a long, long time. Which is kinda pathetic, actually. I used to love sculpting, and I think I was half-way decent at it. Maybe. Kinda... So I was asked to do a few sculpts. One is a human heart, and this is what I've got so far:
I'll post images of the final when I have it. Also there is another sculpt that I'll be working on here pretty soon. Yeah.

April 2, 2010

The Other "Eroded" Poster

So here is the other poster for the film "Eroded" that I worked on. It was inspired by old "Grind house" style posters.

The point of inspiration was this screen capture. I loved the Bullit/Tarantino feel of it. So I started messing with it. I just felt the image was too good to not use. I think it came out pretty well.

March 24, 2010


Here we have the poster for a film I worked on in November: "Eroded". Directed by my friend John Whitney, it's a pretty cool little piece. I did the art direction on it. Four days of mayhem and madness and over all a great looking film.

Then John asked me to make the poster. Sweet! So this is the (97% there) final for the poster. I think it's cool, and I don't usually get really excited about my own work. But I think this looks awesome. As far as movie posters go, I prefer creative stuff to the typical "giant head with little scene below and a bunch of text" option that many studios go for. I think this poster makes "Eroded" look like an Oscar contender. Who knows? It might be.

There is a variant poster coming... keep your eyes peeled.

March 22, 2010

This Is Not The Inspiration You Are Looking For

Today I went to my Starbucks (by "my" I mean that it is the one that I go to the most frequently. I only wish I owned my own coffee shop.... granted having baristas come into my house at 5 am to set up would be awkward eventually). I was there with the sole purpose to sit down and write. I've been trying to write a script for a few months and I have the worst case of writer's block I've ever experienced. I made about 10 pages of notes in the course of 3 hours, during which time I considered who would win: Rick Blaine* or Bruce*, tried desperately not to fall asleep and spent more time searching for music than actually listening to my iPod.

Most of the stuff I came up with was poop. Sure it got me further into the mind of the protagonist, but as far as plot? I have doodly-squat.

So it totally makes sense that while I was stuck in traffic today, whilst running errands, a whole separate idea popped into my head. A nearly complete short film, just requiring a few tweaks here and there. Why does it always work like that?

Oh, and for anyone who visits (all 2 of you), here's a picture:
It's my weird attempt to draw Houdini. Don't ask me what's up with not drawing eyes. Even I don't understand my brainmeats sometimes.

*And if you were wondering: Rick Blaine = Bogart in "Casablanca", Bruce = Shark in "Jaws"

March 19, 2010

Shana Logic Contest Entry

So one of my favorite websites, Shana Logic (, is having a fan art contest. The reward isn't huge ($100 gift certificate) but I used it as an opportunity to create something. The whole point of the contest is to create something inspired by Shana Logic's products. This is based on the bunny couple from Cry Wolf.

I'm finding that I need a deadline to get anything done--which isn't a great quality as far as a free-lance artist is concerned. It's easy to be lazy and call one's self an artist. It's not easy to be an artist. In many ways I find it's harder to wake up and sit at home working on a project than to get up and go to work at a business. I'm hoping at some point I can have a separate studio, some place I can go to that isn't living space also.